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Meet the Latest Invention in Hairstyling


Move over the Topsy Tails and Hairdini French Twists of the past and get ready for the future of hairstyling. JJTI is introducing RollerComb™, the hairstyling tool that's perfect for any hairstyle and can be used by highly trained professionals and home users alike. RollerComb™ will change the way stylists style hair.


It isn't like the flat or curling iron at all. The RollerComb™ is cutting-edge technology that'll set the trend for the future. No matter what your culture, gender, or generation is... or even hair texture, the RollerComb™ will appeal to you.


You'll be excited to know that our first 50 customers will get a 15% discount on the RollerComb™ before the timer runs out. Be the first 25 customers to complete the survey and receive a free RollerComb™. We offer a 14-day return policy and a money-back guarantee as well. Count on us to respond to your e-mail within 48 business hours. Get in touch with us today!

Check Out the Benefits of the RollerComb™

  • Sleek, comfortable to hold, and classy

  • Lightweight design

  • Interchangeable parts and rotational devices

  • Mechanical design ensures easy hairstyling

  • Can be held in the palm of your hand while using another hairstyling device

  • Non-electric

  • Long-lasting

Understanding the Evolution of the RollerComb™

The idea of the RollerComb™ was birthed when Sabrina misplaced her comb... She was unable to find the comb even after shifting positions, moving and lifting items, and standing up.


At that moment, she envisioned a hairstyling tool that could stay in the palm of your hand or on your fingers while you used other hairstyling tools. It was obvious that such a product would make hairstyling stress-free and offer professionals results when used by home users as well. She began developing methods to introduce the world to this ingenious product over the next couple of years.


She began the patenting process at the end of 2012 with the encouragement of an attorney. Today, Sabrina feels that this adventure has changed everything about her life. She wants to take the step of advancing her vision by sharing the product that can enhance peoples' lives.

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