Check Out the Benefits of the RollerComb™

  • Sleek, comfortable to hold, and classy

  • Lightweight design

  • Interchangeable parts and rotational devices

  • Mechanical design ensures easy hairstyling

  • Can be held in the palm of your hand while using another hairstyling device

  • Non-electric

  • Long-lasting

Make the shift to the latest trend in hairstyling by investing in the RollerComb™ from JJTI. RollerComb™ isn't like the flat or curling iron at all. The RollerComb™ is cutting-edge technology that'll set the trend for the future. No matter what your culture, gender, or generation is... or even hair texture, the RollerComb™ will appeal to you. 



SET: (1) RollerComb™ set includes:

  • (1) body

  • (4) picks

  • (10) rings

  • (1) silky storage bag and

  • (1) size-appropriate magnifying glass



RING SIZES: 3 to 12 PICK LENGTHS: 0.75, 1.5, 3.0 and 4.75 inches

PRODUCTION: RollerComb™ is manufactured and distributed in the U.S.