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Enter Our RollerComb™ Competition to Win Big

As JJTI is preparing the launch of its patented hairstyling tool, the RollerComb™, we want you to feel the buzz around the launch by inviting you to compete in a hairstyling event. You can share a 1-minute video of you creating a unique hairstyle and get a shot at winning up to $10,000.


The showcase of RollerComb™ in Richmond, VA, will be the first-ever product launch of JJTI in 2020. Check out the categories of the competition listed below. See rules for complete details.

Check Out the Categories of Our RollerComb™ Competition

Show us how creative you can get with a hairstyle using the RollerComb™ by submitting a 1-minute video. If you're selected, you'll be invited to enter the competition and win a cash prize of up to $10,000. The 4 (four) categories are:

  • Create a unique hairstyle using shears with swivel thumb (4 contestants) - $10,000.00

  • Create a unique hairstyle using shears without the swivel thumb (4 contestants) - $5,000.00

  • Create a unique, yet simple, hairstyle by braiding the hair (4 contestants) - $3,000.00

  • Create a unique, yet simple, hairstyle by barbering the hair (4 contestants) - $2,000.00

The rules for submitting videos and entering the competition:

  • Contestants can submit up to 4 (four) videos, one per category.

  • Contestants may use as many tools and techniques necessary to showcase their work.

  • Contestant must be the person in the video who will enter the competition.

  • Contestant can use a live model or a prop to demonstrate their unique hair styling skills.

The dates for the submission of your video and competition will be announced soon.

Be prepared to order your RollerComb™ when it launches! You'll be excited to know that our first 50 customers will get a 15% discount on the RollerComb™ before the timer runs out. Be the first 25 customers to complete the survey and receive a free RollerComb™. The clock is ticking.

Showcase Your Creative
Hairstyling Effort 
in Our Competition

Email us at: rollercomb@jjtinnovations.com