About Our Business, Its Motto and RollerComb™

J&J Temple Innovations, LLC is an American company that was founded in March 2013 by Sabrina Temple, an inventor, and entrepreneur. We're based in Virginia and are on the cusp of evolving into a greater enterprise.


The motto of our company is 'Evolving Visions, Enhancing Life' because we turn ideas into products that make lives easier.

J&J Temple Innovations announces the retail launch of RollerComb™: the innovative hair-styling tool that enables hairstylists to style, curl, cut and color hair without ever releasing the tool. Lightweight and sleek, the tool’s patented circular opening grips and stays on the finger, just below the knuckle. During use, the RollerComb™ effortlessly rotates clockwise or counterclockwise, on the right hand or left. Its “wearable” functionality empowers the stylist to pick up and use other beauty tools at the same time, which saves them time and effort.

The RollerComb™ frees the hairstylist to be more creative, which supports additional customers and extra tips. Value is further enhanced by the tool’s quality, durability, and interchangeable rotational parts that do not require electricity or batteries.

“Hairstylists also appreciate that, unlike regular combs, the RollerComb™ cannot be dropped and contaminated since it never leaves the finger,” said inventor−entrepreneur Sabrina Temple.

Three positions provide flexible use. In the first position, the tool sits comfortably on the finger as the stylist uses it to style, part or gather hair. In the second position, the tool drops into a vertical position to allow other hair styling tool(s) to be used. In the 3rd position the other tools are laid down, the RollerComb™ rotates back to its original position, and the process repeats until the hair is completely styled. 

The complete RollerComb™ set includes (1) body, (4) picks, (10) rings, (1) silk storage bag and (1) size-appropriate magnifying glass. Sets will be sold in select retail outlets for universal use in salons and homes.

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